June 1, 2010

Follow the Hammer of Glory this Friday!

Beer Week kicks off this Friday with the
2nd annual Hammer of Glory parade. 

Starting from the Grey Lodge at 11:10 am.
Here's a run down of the places and methods of transport.
It should also be noted when quickly typing and abbreviating this is emails you can say H.O.G. But I found myself sending one today that said,"Ham of Glory." I guess that's a pig parade for another day.

The Zipline from the Standard Tap to the Foodery might be my personal favorite.  Also being a resident of the Italian Market-I'm sad to miss the "Rocky" running down 9th st as I will be in Northern Libs then.

Venue                                              Location                    Means
Grey Lodge   11:10                                   Mayfair                        Bicycle Convoy
Draught Horse Pub                          North Philly                Horse
Philly Brewing                                  Kensington                 Kenzinger Express Train Kinetic Sculpture
Johnny Brendas                                Fishtown                     Trophy Bike - bar on a bike
Yards                                                Fishtown                     Dog pulled wagon
Delilahs Den                                    Northern Libs              Delilahs Girls
Standard Tap  (2pm)                        No. Libs                      Zipline    **TAPPING of STANDARD PORTER
Foodery                                           Northern Libs              Tricycle
Institute Bar                                    Center City NE            Wheel barrel
The Belgian Cafe                       Center City NW    The Reckoner, a giant 3 wheel kinetic sculpture cycle
Kite and Key                                  Center City NW             Hearse
Nodding Head  (4:25)                    Center City                    Handtruck keg throne
12 Steps Down (5:10)                    South Philly East           Rocky look-a-like running up 9th st;)
BellaVista Beer Distribution           South Philly East          Handtruck
Hawthorne Cafe                             South Philly East           Growler Power
Varga Bar                                             CC East                    Pinup girls on rollerskates
Brauhaus Schmitz                                                                 Hostess station chariot pulled by Dirndled                                                                           waitresses, accompanied by Fishtown Beer Runners
Opening Tap     
Independence Visitor's Center
6th and Market

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