June 15, 2010

Philly Beer Week via Text Exchange between Two Beer Reps

I'll be posting a whole bunch of nonsense from the week that was BEER.
There will be recaps, lotsa food pics, but first for your viewing enjoyment- 
a week of unedited Text exchange between DogFish Rep Wendy Domurat and myself.
It's ridiculous.

Wednesday June  2 (almost there)
W: Hi
Me: Are you bored?
W: Yes. Wipeout IPA. You?
Me:at standard with megan modelo. She’s taking it ez and heading home soon.
I’m probably going to swiftys
W: Mmmmm hungry
W: (text blank)
Me: you sent me a blank text
W: My mind is blank
W: mmmm need some ice cream
Me: tomorrow
W: whatcha gonna do with all those hops, all those hops, all those hops
W:miss you guys. We need a beer bitch weekend
Me: we miss you too
Thursday June 3rd

Me: u next door?
Me: ouch
W:why ouch? Going to Origlio PBW!!!
Me: I need a ride to my coche
W:I’m watching Megan train someone. It’s funny!
W: Where after? At Southwark.
Me: Megs got a thing at side car. Not sure. Im at good dog. Still in running gear. Been dying all day
Me: At TIME. Where u?
W: South
W: WArk
Me: You’ve been there a while
W: Sage says sponsored by Sky Kdox
Me: I’m so jealous
W:What’s at TIME
Me: I was hanging out with Brian O’Reillys bro in law. I ran into him at bad puppy. We were goin to BAR but AC was out…so lappy and tim ohst wanted to go next door
M:I’m gross and smelly fr run. Going home after this. Might go to POPE costume party
W: Home
Me: At joses. Came to pick up my bike and met Laura Bell outside.
W: I somehow locked myself in courtyard
Me: Do you need my help?
W: Are you going out after Joses?
ME: Run through the fence
Me: Ill be home in 20
Me:I’m hanging out with Laura Bell
Me: you called me. Ok?
W: Butt dialed
W: we were listening to you talk about your run

W: what times your brunch today?
Me:Im hoppin on train at 12
W: nice. I think we are going to go
Me: wanna go with me?”
Me; I have to carry a case of pint glasses on the train
W: I’ve gotta get my car out of the garage. Its gonna be like 75 bucks
W:I’ll meet you. I have to retrieve car, drop case of festina peche off at misconduct then scooting to Yunk
(Note:she never made it)                                      
W: we couldn’t get there in time. Smoke em?
Me: leaving yunk now not sure
W:Im hot and miserable. Thinking of bailing and saving up for the rest of the week
Me:Im headed to smoke ‘em
Me: where are you ?
W: Without AC on my couch.  I’m bloated, achy and just plain fat
W: game plan?
Me: meet here at 2:45
W: word, did you eat?
Me: Y
W: I’m hungry
Me: Will you drive me to POPE to get firkin supplies
ME: bye
W: come to Joses
W: I bet I feel like you did yesterday...with a side of cramps
Me: I can barely move
W; Me neither but the vicodin is helping
Me:where u?
W: In bed. Slowly dying
W: woo hoo Philly beer week…ow,ow,ow
Me: I hate Philly Beer Week. Let me know if you wanna go to home depot later
W: Yes I need to. First I wanna rip my liver out
Me:Im leaving for home depot soon. You’re not gonna make it
W: I need a fountain Coke Soo bad
Me: It’s like everything hurts
W: I know
W: When do you wanna leave?
Me: Sort of now. Wanna get it over with.
ME: I’m dressed…somehow and I’m wearing leggings in public
Me: ok I’m leaving
W: She’s got a huge ass
W: overheard by a brewer at Iron Hill…”No that’s Wendy, she’s one of my girlfriends best friends”…tear
ME: U rang?
W: call when you have a second
W:They’re looking for you (she’s at Dogfish Trivial Pursuit at REssurection)
Me: 5 min  (but my 5 min is usually 15)
W: Dave Mashington is here
W: Where you?
Bar. Still Dying. Sober
W: Something is not right with me. Still drinking vintage duck duck gueze
ME:At late night with Joe Gunn. Thought I’d see you
W:IF I get a cab will you let me in the courtyard?
Me: yes
W: getting cab –exhausted
ME: I feel so awful
W:In cab. Want to crawl up in a ball. Just exhausted
W: I’m a waste of flab and blob
W: I’m so happy now
ME: I just looked at our text exchange from the week. It’s hysterical
W: hello?
W: My body wants a new owner
W: Where are you
ME: Going to dunk tank quickly. Then record shopping. Then CHIFA
W: Cool. We are coming over to dunk tank
W: Funny story for ya
W: How’s Dance Party?
Me: Fantastic
Me: Where you at?
W: Couch in Oreland
W: You?
ME: Ugh. Resetting. Taking a nap. I think I just want to be in bed if I’m not at an event. Of course that won’t happen.
W: Yup- It’s been tough. Have to be at Standard at 4
Me: for?
W: Event. Firkin.fun
Me: are you headed to headhouse today? I’m taking a bikeride with lappy
W:Nope Southwark at 5
ME: I’ve got 11 miles left on my bike ride…then freshen up then southwark  (this didn’t happen right from bike ride to southwark like a sweaty champ)
Me:I’m gonna bike to my car, drivie to southwark.. I might look ugly, fat and sweaty
W: sweet. We’ll keep our distances. Curt says thanks for coming last night ( I didn’t go to Nodding Head happy hour at southwark on Fri)
Me:ouch! I had to help my sister get ready for a ball at the Four seasons and be at good dog by 7
Me: I’m wearing a green linen dress.  I look like a big fat lime
W: I m sure it’s pretty
ME: What hops are in 60 minute
W: Amarillo, Warrior and mystery hop x
ME: Bloated and tired. Not sure about JB’s
W:I’m at Dimitris and sweating like a hippo! Why am I sweaty so much
Me: are you definitely going to JB’s?
W: Do you understand that I am dripping!!! What is wrong with me. Breaking down
ME:I’m more bloated than a sumo wrestler
W: How’s smores?
Me: Good. Messy. I’m torn about JB’s
ME:U getting a cab?
W: Of Course

Me: Okay. Leaving Univ City now. Only had 2 beers. Driving home. Then cabin it over.
W: were upstairs
ME: U in oreland?  Zythos doesn’t have my beer and Brian O’Reilly’s on his way.  Ugh. Why me?
W: uggghh! Was Sly beer there or did he show up for no reason?
W: what happened
Me: He didn’t seem upset. Im at SPTR now.  Then maybe POPE or Devil’s Den. I’m fat and I’m drinking delicious beer
W: Can I use your laptop for like 15 min? If I can- then I can stay in town and not go home
Me: Sure, but how to get in?
W: Is hobbs home?
Me: No date at City Tap house.  What do you need to do?
W: report
ME: So what do I need to do? Come home?
W: No Ill find someone else. Or Ill go home
Me: I’d rather have you stay
W:Im asking Modelo if she’s around
W: Shit Meg is in Burbs
W: Megs gonna drop off her laptop
W: Wait until you see me in my boyfriends shorts
ME: When you back? I’m STARVING.


  1. So, what was the *upside* of PBW?

  2. Hilarious! Glad you get to have fun while you work