July 19, 2010

Because I'm Tired and Leigh Writes it Better

I just checked my email and the ol' inbox included this lil update from Leigh Maida and Ressurection ale house  At the risk of admitting total fatigue and laziness - I am cutting and pasting the whole thing into this post-


Besides the obvious reason (that life is hard and beer is delicious) we've got some great excuses for you to fritter away your week with us here at Resurrection Ale House!

[Reasons to Drink Beer at Noon On a Tuesday]
We've got one of the last kegs standing of the Russian River Registration Ale and we'll be tapping it tomorrow (7/20) when we open at noon. Never ones for highway robbery, we're serving it for just $5 a glass. In addition, we've got a limited amount of Odell Brewing Company's 90 Shilling and the IPA in stock, both yours for a low low price while they last... AND we'll be tapping a keg of Captain Lawrence's Fresh Chester Pale Ale, also at Noon tomorrow. (Need help rehearsing your "I feel sick today" call to work? We're here for you.)

[Delicious, Refreshing, Terrifically Recyclable Cans]
Not only have we been adding furiously to our bottled beer menu lately, but starting tomorrow (7/20) we're adding a whole mess of CANS into the mix. (At very can-like prices.) Sing us the whole ShopRite 'Can-Can' song from the '80s and we'll love you forever. (Sing it while dressed like a French show-girl and we might even buy you a beer.)

[Draft Beer Shake Up]
In the coming weeks, right on into infinity, expect our draft list to rotate even more frequently, as Resurrection Ale House is now paying a little extra attention to the (beer only) thoughts of Mr. Rocco Renzetti. (If Brendan had his way, we would be a tied house in no time flat.) Expect some exciting beer from Bell's, Left Hand Brewing, Stone, a fleet of Firkins from Sixpoint, and more!

[Summer Menu Updates]
There is rarely grass growing under Chef Joey Chmiko's feet. Come check out some of his mid-summer updates to the menu. What? You thought we only served fried chicken? Not true, not true, the whole menu friends... read the whole menu!

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