July 27, 2010

Catahoula is here- Best Bite of the Week

Although not due to open till September, Catahoula is shaking up watermelon
hurricanes, pouring some Abita Turbodog, and serving up some kick ass Creole.  (Here's a li'l tidbit on Cajun vs Creole).

 here are some snapshots of The Insider's (Michael Klein) first visit yesterday.

Catahoula is at Front and Fitzwater (the old Saute ).
There's a pooch-friendly porch area.                           
The bar from the La creole days is back.                                                                                                                                                          
All high tops fill the floor otherwise.

I stopped in to chat beer with General Manager Dawn Townsel.  Didn't think I was hungry.  But apparently I'm always hungry.  I  ran something like 18 blocks today so that allowed me some fried oysters and fried green tomatoes, right?

I wasn't prepared for the delight that would transpire with one bite of Chef PAul Martin's cornmeal crusted Delaware bay oysters with dreamy creamy pernod spinach, smoked bacon and spicy tomato jam. It's only Tuesday but it was my best bite of the week.
And it had some serious competition from my Percy St. BBQ happy hour last night. (They have these new wings on the menu...)

 There's a bevy of bars opening and closing constantly.  It was refreshing to walk into a new place be greeted with such warmth and have the food so spot on from the get go.

Didn't get to the sweet stuff.  But promised them I would for trip 2.

They're still finding their comfort zone. Weekday lunch might not last. Bar's open till 12 for now.
They'll be doing both Saturday and Sunday brunch- after all everyone's favorite portmanteau actually originated in New Orleans.

The Pours
Allagash White
PBC Fleur de Lehigh
DFH 60 min
Abita TurboDog
(and Yuengling)

A few bottles to mention
Lagunitas IPA (perfect pairing for much of the menu)
Great Lakes Edmund Fitz Port
Walt Wit
Ommegang Hennepin
Sly Fox Pikeland Pils (can of course)

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  1. Sounds great! Ill definately have to check bit out