July 12, 2010

Stumble Till you Crumble

Everytime I participate in a day long drinking activity I say "Thank God that only comes once a year." That's definitely applicable to the Royal Stumble, this year in its 11th year.

Tim Roberts won his 4th title. He says next year he'll let someone else do the honors.

There were a lot of brewery peeps dressed up this year.
I think I probably look better as a brunette. I was retarded Dee from the infamous crack episode- quite simple. just a blonde wig and a backwards helmet.  Much less money than I spent last year on melted frozed treats as a Phillies Concession stand lady.

To my left is my new friend Leanne. She won the Stewarts Sticker contest, taking home a massive bag of artisan coffee beans. It was awesome to have Ric and Eric of Stewarts on board this year.  Also- Ommegang got their first invite.

After the stumble we went to Tequilas for bacon guacamole and mojitos for the 2nd year in a row.
Then there was the TUD (totally unnecessary drink) at Bad Puppy.  Those poor Good Dog bartenders....

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  1. There's something sexy happening with the blonde wig - didn't give it up yet!