July 25, 2010

Trouble Comes Running

For most it's the weekend.  Unfortunately, most weeks I don't have a full one. I either have an event on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Sometimes 2 out of 3 days, and sometimes all 3.  So- you can see selling beer is not all glitter as the weekends may be doomed.  I usually don't mind, but it's nice when my car cooperates. And it didn't today.

I had an event last night in a lobby space by the Piazza. I had mentioned it here a few days ago- it was an exhibit of photos taken with cell phones.  I wrapped up by 9- was at Standard a few minutes later and was home by 11:30.

Plenty of sleep to feel good for the day long Wheat Beer Fest today at South Philly Tap Room.
I arrived there around 11:30.  I borrowed a coil box and gas from the Tap Room.  I had a lil difficulty getting set up.  The damsel card was pulled yet again.  Thought my regulator was shot, thought I had not gas, had to steal a wrench twice from Muller Milo, etc...

Finally everything is as it should be- I even score a draft quality assurance manual from Patrick Mullins of Sierra Nevada.  A little reading for my trip up to Ommegang next week.
I had two volunteers helping me out so I could scoot to Iron Hill Maple Shade and surprise Lance Romance for his 1 year anni party. He thought I had to work all day.I would say hi- spend an hour and head back to the fest to pour the remainder of the day. (To the left is Joey Beddia eating corn)

I grabbed my gal Wendy and we headed there.  I noticed that my break light was on- thought it curious.
She noticed that my car was shaking....but I thought everything was fine. I mean I just got it inspected 48 hours prior.  Don got $523 out of me and I got some new rotors and break pads.

Iron Hill was just dandy. Ran into some friends, tried a 6 year old Flemish Red...and was about face. 

We were at the toll booth when my car died. Kaput.

The toll booth operator alerted the authorities and next thing I know flashing red and blue are behind me.

The cop pushes me with his car off to the side of the road by the port authority.
I call AAA but I don't have my membership number on me so they  make my difficult time more difficult.  Wendy is starving and yelling at me for not letting her eat at Iron Hill because we didn't have enough time.

I go into my email archives on my sometimes trusty google phone and find my initial membership email from AAA with membership number.  And I'm good. They're sending a tow truck in 60- 90 minutes.  We wait inside the Delaware Rive Port Authority.

I call Lance Romance and he comes to our aid in about 30 minutes.  He brings Wendy pork rinds and cheese snacks.  He tries to give me a jump but its not working-=so 18 yr old Dan comes with the tow and gets me back to south philly.

Such a nightmare.

I stayed in that night-as bitter as an overhopped IPA, watched the "Invention of Lying" ate duck curry and tried my first Oktoberfest in a can. 

It's so frustrating having constant car trouble. Pulling the damsel in distress card. I really hate it.
I really need a new car- but am not in the position to do so.  If anyone wants to buy me one- I will make you ice cream for the next year.

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  1. nothing worse than a hungry Wendy with no food in sight!!!