July 9, 2010

Where in the Beer world #14?

I'm on triple deadline while selling beer, so don't be too harsh that I haven't had many updates this week.

I do have time for a quick "Where in the Beer World?"
If you haven't tried the Lambrucha yet- I recommend it. A hybrid Lambic beer with Kombucha in it.

This Weekend
*Bastille Day celebration in Fairmount with Tasty Cakes and Terry McNally getting into her annual Marie Antoinette character at London Grill.
*See you at the Stumble- "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" is the theme.  Any bets on how many Green Men will be there?  Come by my table, have some Helles and say hi.
*The second Sunday of every month David April of Philadelphia Brewing Co does a Gospel Brunch at Johnny Brendas.
*P.O.P.E. is starting karaoke Sundays. 9 pm.

Next Week I will be featured on Grub St.'s Philly Diet.  I'll link to it at the time and you can read about everything that entered my esophagus all weekend long;)


  1. Tria? (That's where i had it.) and btw, if it's a hybrid of lambic and kombucha, i don't understand where they get the "r"...this is the kind of thing that i ponder on hungover mondays.