August 5, 2010

Batch 14: Rosalita

It's been two weeks since I made a batch of  ice cream.

I've had Rosalita in the works for some time.
Pink Peppercorn and Smoked Sea Salt (which also has a pinkish/salmon hue) thus "Rosalita."
I thought about naming all my frozen concoctions after Bruce Springsteen songs...but decided I would not-though- you can most certainly anticipate a take on "Rocky Road" called....

I also purchased these fancy insulated ice cream holders which makes transporting it as a solid rather than sweet sludge much easier. 

Next time I think I will add more peppercorn and perhaps have a chocolate base.  A shout out to Dibruno Brothers- who once again provided inspiration.

Here's the boss performing "Rosalita" 1978

"My tires were slashed and I almost crashed but the Lord had mercy
My machine- she's a dud, I'm stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey"

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