August 4, 2010

Best Bite of the Week: Funk and Waffles

I'm almost reluctant to share this but I will- because it's far away- you have no chance of crowding the spot, and chances are you don't even own a waffle maker. I don't want to be blamed for your expanded waistline or addiction.

While Lance and I were vacationing in Syracuse last Thursday night we noticed a sign during our bar-hopping that said "Funk and Waffles" Record store open 12 till 5.

Was I dreaming? Cuz I do dream up some crazy stuff, but I was not.
This was legit.

A waffle/coffee shop that sold records.

Lance bought me a waffle maker for Valentines Day last year. (this year I got a phone charger).
He insists that he just bought the waffle maker for himself and wants to leave it at my house so I can make him waffles. (note: Lance doesn't really cook. He made me a grilled cheese sandwich once).

I've only made them 3 or 4 times...they've never been perfect.

This waffle was perfect.  They had a variety of sweet and savory waffles.  Of course- Lance took at glance at the sweet side, and my eyes fell on the words "Gouda and Herb" a column over.

So it had gouda in it and was topped with roast turkey.  So happy I am a mere block away from Dibrunos Bros. That I can make this waffle anytime I want.

After a night of bar-hopping between Empire brewery, Clark's Ale House, the Blue Tusk and this place called Faegans- it was more than the best bite of the week, it was a life saver.

You can read the owner's back story here.

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