August 17, 2010

Bocce-= I can do this

This Thursday 7  pm I will take to the bocce court- grass- at Iron Hill Wilmington and compete against my local beer industry comtemporaries.

I haven't played bocce since I worked at Peter Becker Nursing Home in 1995.
I would play wheelchair bocce with the folks after lunch.  Not exactly the experience that would make you want to sign up and represent your brewery. 

So we practiced on Saturday. I live right by a bocce court in Bella vista at 10th and Carpenter.
I was shocked by my skill set for the first two hours.  Everyone was even calling me the"ringer"
But once dark hit and I couldn't see the ball and my bladder was fulminating-- I wasn't the best bocce player in the world.  Lance will say, "It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools." 
I say, if you can't see a ball you should let go your ego and  stop playing for the night.

Looking forward to Wilmington on Thursday.
Although the ball will be heavier. At least there will be a restroom near by if needed.

On Sunday we also purchased tennis rackets.  We're quickly becoming pillars of health and fitness.

No really, we are;)

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  1. I'm suspecting this event will be over attended, but should be a lot of fun. I hear Dogfish Head is the odds on favorite.