August 19, 2010

Canoe Carnival

My fella grew up in Medford Lakes NJ-=that’s why his opening of the Maple Shade Iron Hill last year was a state homecoming of sorts.
We thought it would be a nice alternative to another night at the bar, so we headed there for a Canoe Carnival last Saturday. We had some time to kill first- so we finally made it to Fuji in Haddonfield for sushi then we got in a game at Medford lanes.

Who knew that Lance Romance was such a great bowler?
He bowled with more finesse than he usually walks with.  I won't tell you the final score because its embarrassing, but I will say one of my nephews may have done a better job.

Back to the Carnival-=every year the town gathers around the main lake – and they show off floats that they’ve been working on for the last 6 months. It’s almost like the mummers on a lake at night.
We went to two different parties on opposite sides of the lake. Both were gorgeous houses, warm people, a nice break from the city scene for the night.

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