August 9, 2010

Do Ya

Those who have hung out with me in the past two months, know I have gained an affinity for the 1976 rock and roll hit "Do Ya."

Lance makes fun of me that I am now just diggin' on the song that was popular before I was born.
I don't care.

"Do Ya" changes the party.  You could be throwing back some beers, enjoying the company of friends, or strangers, and that first chord comes on and things are just a little more fun.

I love a song that can do that.

So I was determined to get in on vinyl.  As much as I love flippin through records I don't always have the time.  So I went on about a month ago and ordered Electric Light Orchestra's jam on vinyl.  I got that and Jesus and Mary Chain's 21 singles  for $21.95.

I waited and waited for them to arrive via the post.  After a week and a half I wrote a love letter to the sender asking where they were.

He said they were to ship the next day.  Three days later I check my mail and find a puffy white envelope approx 5 by 5.

I kept them and uploaded them to itunes.  But I still wanted both on Vinyl.

Then yesterday- I am walking back from Dibrunos when I notice that Molly's Bookstore right by me has records. And there it was - "A New World Record" on vinyl. for $4.95.

And in the sleeve was this T-shirt advertisement.  Only $4.95!

I think I've posted the song here before- but I'll do it again.

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