August 12, 2010

Happy Happy Jennie "Happy" Hatton

Today is Jennie Hatton's birthday-
I think her name comes up daily in conversation. 
Usually with a "Jennie rocks" or an "I don't know how she does it all..."  sort of stuff.

She's more than a PR maven- she's one of the hardest working hardest playing people in Philadelphia.
She's cute, she's savvy, she's always thinkin'-  
What's next? How can we make  rad-radder? What hasn't been done yet?  

She's great with a story, and living her days to constantly create new ones.
Happy Birthday Jennie "Happy" Hatton.

"There are many friendly people in the publicity biz. Jennie is one of the very few in the business that is actually a friend. Come to think of it, "actual" is a pretty good word for her; the real stuff, not an ounce of fake. Happy birthday, Jennie; glad to know ya!"  Lew Bryson

*Not sure who took this picture but I liked it so I used it. If anyone knows I am happy to give credit before my boyfriend accuses me of plagiarism.

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