August 5, 2010

Hulmeville Inn taps a bunch of DogFishes tonight

Looks like "Shark Week" continues throughout the region. 

The Pours

A firkin of 75 min
90 min
Palo Santo Marron (mmm...but don't forget  to drink some water before taking your wheels-12%)
World Wide Stout

If you've never been to Hulmeville- It's just about 30 minutes outside Center City.
Take 95 North to Street Rd.
Here are some directions

About the Hulmeville:
It's the town bar of Hulmeville that also has a owner that loves great beer and a really nice community feeling.
Sort of what I love about the Flying Pig.
The Mayor's hanging out with recent college grads that love to homebrew.  But so's the guy loyal to his bud talking about the 2008/9 Phillies that were.

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