August 27, 2010

Last Sunday's kitchen activity: Peach Crumb and Cinnamon Ice Cream

I was reading on twitter (via collin flatt, drew lazor, and adam erace) all about peaches.
So I was inspired and headed to Headhouse Sq market (after a yummy brunch at Adsum )to purchase some peaches myself-=both yellow and white.
They were a little over $1 a pop.

I made a peach crumble- THEN made a cinnamon ice cream to top. 

Next Ice Cream up was rootbeer ice cream. It turned out icier than expected because I tried to use rootbeer instead of rootbeer extract.  Next up is Batch #20....who wants to make a request?


  1. Any luck with beer-flavored ice cream? (

  2. peanut butter and bacon!

  3. I've tried beer ice cream 4 times.
    I made one with Sly Fox Incubus (coconut and pineapple)
    Made one with our Dunkel Lager and Ferror Rocher chocolates.
    Black Raspberry Reserve
    and O'Reilly's stout twice.

    They all were slightly icier than I'd prefer.