August 11, 2010

Le cochon ne manque jamais de

That means "the pig never fails."
And neither does the BYO- Cochon on the Passyunk diagonal at Catherine St.

If I went there as often as I'd like to- I would never sell any beer.  The food and service are superb.

I hadn't seen my best friend Johnny in a couple of months- he's nearly replaced actually.
But I ran into him at our favorite chain store, "Five Below" and decided I would give him the opportunity to salvage our friendship with a brunch double date.

I'm taking it super easy on the beer/beverages for the month of August so there was no need to meet up at a bar.  I thought why not Cochon the BYOB.  And Johnny thought, Why not bring my Daily's Bloody Mary in a Box?

JGT arrives on the scene with the bloody mary-in-a-box-that got damp when put in a cooler- and is now secured with electric tape. There's classy - then there's Johnny Goodtimes, the International Man of Leisure tm

I've been on a slight health kiick lately (slight is the key word here). So I opted for the crab frittata which was simple yet delicious- a substantial amount of lump crab meat, English peas, and tomatoes. No cheese, no meat- just the way I am trying to convince myself I like it.

The rest of the table was ready to embrace Le Cochon.
Lance and Johnny got Eggs Cochon- Gene Guiffi's take on Eggs Benedict- he actually places the poached eggs over a pancetta bread. mmmm. Colby- Johnny's lady friend got the Monte Cristo- which might be the best in the city. Look at that thing.
Lastly=let us not forget that Cochon got best new BYO in Philly 2008.  

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  1. Actually that is duct tape holding the bloody mary together. All men know you only need 2 tools, duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't you use duct tape and if it doesn't move and should you use WD-40.