August 10, 2010

Oh Dear! Septa Bus hits Monks 1:40 am. Nobody seriously injured. They'll hopefully reopen within 2 weeks at latest

Wow- not the news I expected to wake up to this morning.
A SEPTA bus crashed into the front of Monks after having an incident with a  Port Authority SUV.
Publican Tom Peters was there on the scene.
As expected, he does a great job fielding questions from NBC's Justin Pizzi in this interview.

You can see the time is 5:02 in the morning.

License and Inspections will be there this morning to assess the building.
We Love Tom, Fergie,and Monks.  They'll reopen asap.

In the meantime if you were craving mussels, burgers and tasty beers, don't forget Grace Tavern, Fergies, Belgian Cafe and Nodding Head-=

N.B.  Michael Klein first broke this -I noticed it on twitter. He has official report here.

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  1. Wow, I must have missed this story. Thanks for posting it!