August 4, 2010

Ommegang 2010 Yearbook

Most are self-explanatory even the one of Nick Johnson acting like a buffoon.
However, you might be curious about the tree with a hint of orange and a dangling green chuck in it.
That would be Lance romance trying to find my friends shoe.

The other head scratcher is Left Hand's Dan Conway featuring the cross-section of a mozzarella and Chorizo wheel.

Most would slice it up and find some bread and crackers.
Not us-we decided to eat it like a burrito passing it in a circle.

Oh and lastly, that is Casey Hughes of Flying Fish showing off his Porky the Pig pancakes at Jackies Diner 8 miles south of Cooperstown.

And if you heard from anyone that I was sleeping by 7 pm on Saturday- the rumors are all true.
Or there would be more incriminating photos of Nick Johnson.

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