August 4, 2010

Only if You're Really Bored- Video Footage of Lance in Syracuse

Here's a video of Lance Romance at Clark's Ale House in Syracuse.
It includes an interview with the cook as well as Lance.

Clark's Ale House was his favorite bar during his time in the "Cuse.
They had no music or distractions. They were focused on beer, rotating often.
The only entertainment was a Ring Game in which you swing a string with a ring on it and try to ring the hook on the wall (as seen is this lame video).

The only food available was a cheese plate or a roast beef sandwich which looked delicious.
Our bartender, Jim, wore a tuxedo shirt and shorts.
He was hiding a poptart behind the bar under a bar mop so we couldn't see that he was sneaking a snack on the clock. 

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