August 11, 2010

P.O.P.E. beats out Johnny Brenda's in Bar Softball

I headed to 5th and Master last night to support the POPE in softball. It was their 2nd to last game of the season.  They have lost 13.  I saw some talent last night so I'm not certain why they have such a poor record.

Their coach alluded to the fact that they drink more than any other team.
I'm not sure if that's true because Sly Fox sponsors Standard Tap's softball team and they go through two cases a game.  How many players are on the team? You do the math.

But last night despite the throwback-it was a 9-8 victory for the South Philly Bar against Johnny Brenda's in what has been titled the "hipster world series."

Pope led the majority of the game. JB's snuck up with a great top of the 9th but not enough.

At first I wasn't sure who to root for because they are two of my favorite bars. I was a bit bipolar because I wore a JB's tank top under my button down, but then sat on the POPE side.

The POPE is now 2-13. Their last game is tonight in South Philly.  Let's hope they can finish the season at 3-13. 

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