August 29, 2010

Saturday Snackin'

I had a rather nice day.

I only left my house once to go to Dibruno Brothers. My intention was to have a sandwich at Paesanos and return home but I remembered I had a $25 Gift Card for Dibrunos so I figured I would spend it.
I thought I would be getting together with some of my other beer girls and snacks would be mandatory.

The boys set me up with a couple cheeses and salami.
The cheese I used was Abbaye de Bellocq-A sheep's milk cheese from the Basque region of France that is made by Benedictine Monks.
The Salami- Finocchiona-think fennel!  I love when salami is sliced so thin. It makes the artery damage seem not so bad.

As soon as I got home, I got smacked with the urge to make pasta.  The night was open (no plans with the girls) and I had plenty of time to knead, refrigerate, cut, dry, and cook.

While the dough was sitting in the fridge- I started up a sauce on the stove.  I was going to make my usual sauce but I had a new ingredient to work with today- spiced garlic.  I sauteed that up with some onions...then added in crushed tomatoes, salt, cracked pepper and some more cracked pepper. A lil oregano, bay leaves, and some red table wine.

When the dough was ready to cut- I realized I have made pappardelle the last 10 times I made pasta.
Time to switch it up.  I thought - why not stuff the pasta with something???

So as odd as it sounds I cut the cheese and salami up and placed them in pasta pockets.  Sort of like dumplings.  I wasn't even that hungry so I only made two.

Admittedly- it was quite a strange thing to do- but I was in a bit of a strange mood.

I followed that up with an evening run, homemade blackberry granita, some kind of Honeysuckle-like miscellaneous tea, and some Iron Chef.

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