August 2, 2010

Shark Week at Ressurection

Shark Week is here! It's really here!
From Ressurection Ale House:

If there is one thing that turns a neighborhood bar into a room full of friends, it's Shark Week, y'all. Don't stay home and watch alone! We're offering up Shark Week deals and special tappings and we'll have the TV tuned to the action all week!

- 1 - Join us starting TODAY (8/2) for Port Brewing Shark Attack at a special Shark Week price of $8 (22oz bottle). While supplies last.

- 2 - Tuesday (8/3) at Noon we'll tap a special keg of DogFish* Head 120 Minute IPA -- Just $4 (8oz glass)!

- 3 - Get here Thursday (8/5) at Noon for a mini Russian River event! We'll tap Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig, Damnation, and Supplication all at low low Shark Week prices.

- 4 - Last but not least, we're slashing prices on bottles of Wostyntje (brewed using mustard seed) -- Just $7, all week! (This beer is brewed by the Smisje Brewery in Oudenaarde, Belgium, where, as far as we know, there are no sharks.)

(*Shark Week Factoid: Dogfish Head Sharks have two spines and can arch their backs in times of danger. Save that for when you next meet Mr. Caligione in a dark alley with a box of Trivial Pursuit under his arm.)

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