August 25, 2010

Steak Guy exposed: Im a Gonna Open this Roll with my Greasy Shirt

Lance and I joined Ommegang's Megan Maguire for a Phils game (they won this one thank God) on Friday.
This is the closest I've been to the Phlly Phanatic in years >>>>>>>>>>

We followed that with a nice bite at Catahoula.  I've been there twice now.  They've got a new bar manager, Jackie (recently of Tinto-also engaged to Catahoula's talented chef, Paul Martin) and I forsee great things for them at Front and Fitzwater.

Saturday comes around and Lance is craving a cheesesteak.
I've all but given up on the neon steak scene in South Philly-when people visit I bring them to Paesano's.
But I give in to Lance from time to time.
The man wanted PATS and this would be one of those times.
I refused to join and waited in the Subaru, until I realized he left his phone and he wouldn't know where my car was.
When I join him in a not so bad line- he points out that the steak man is opening the rolls by rubbing them against his grease laden shirt. Start paying close attention around :20.


  1. Eek! I have also lead out-of-towners to Paesono's. Yet another reason not to visit Pat and Geno's.

  2. Now that I watch your video, I have this creeping feeling that I've been subliminally seeing him do this for years without it ever registering. Ew!

  3. And she didn't even post the kicker, a picture of him wiping his face with the same apron the rolls were touching!

  4. I believe that's "Wit Sweat"...

  5. I haven't ate there in years. After seeing this, I'm so glad I haven't.

  6. Gross, yet nice music selection!

  7. im a tony lukes sweat man myself.

  8. Catahoula is great! I've been there twice as well. both times have been a pleasure. The food is extraordinary and a great comfort to my New Orleans loving self. Good drink specials and a nice atmosphere. Bartenders are nice too

  9. is catahoula new? my friends used to live at front and fitz but we always went to new wave.