August 29, 2010

Stogie Joes

After hearing much about their pizza pie- I finally headed to Stogie Joes.
I went small square with onions and mushrooms.
 The fungi was fresh- not those scary canned mushrooms.

I made it through two pieces.
It was the third time I had pizza this week, but it varied greatly from that of Domincks in Chalfont and the slice of veggie I had at Allegro on 40th st.

Sauce on bottom, cheese on top, big on bread.

They had Sierra Nevada and Yards Philly pale on tap.
Bottles included Troegenator, Chimay Red, Victory Golden Monkey.

You can also get a variety of pony bottles.  I was tempted to get a high life pony- but I had more work to do.  Next time.
My server Cass was great.  She seemed to really enjoy being on the payroll.  She told me she worked in  some of the best places- but nowhere did they have the concern for fresh ingredients that they had at Stogie Joes.

The word on the Avenue is there's a connection with the Santucci family that has been famous for the square pie since 1959.  The Santucci family will expand once again to 10th and Christian.

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