August 20, 2010

Team Sly Fox takes 2nd place in Bocce Tourney

Iron Hill Wilmington hosted the first local brewery bocce tourney last night.

As mentioned in an earlier post I hadn't tossed a pallino out in about 16 years until last Saturday at my new bocce court at 10th and Carpenter (How convenient that it's also on the same block as my new favorite coffee shop).

But- Corey's gotten a lot of practice in the last week or so and procured two great teammates in Mike and Franny.  Mike has a competitive nature and was determined to win.

We did well.  But Curt Decker and Gordon Grubb of Nodding Head did better and won the grand prize of a Iron Hill jeroboam.

Guess who didn't fare so well... He blames the court.   But then I was able to use his own proverbial words against him "It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools."

A big thanks to Mark Edelson and Kevin Fee for refereeing and hosting.  Twas much fun.

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  1. What a great event, hopefully it will be an annual. We homebrewers love the chance to mingle with the pros. Bocce is the perfect excuse for a beer sport because you can compete while holding a brew in your free hand with no worry of spilling a drop. Nice to finally meet you and chat a bit. Hope you made the train.