August 19, 2010


In the past it was those first sips of chai and busting out the old Penn State hoodie that meant fall had arrived.  Now it’s the welcome of fall beers.   I love dunkels and  brown ales, and you know I love stouts based on the original title of this blog.  I’m happy to see that Sierra Nevada is launching a new fall seasonal this year to replace their anniversary ale.  It’s the tumbler.  I even like the name. When I fall –which happens a lot - I often say, “I took a tumble.”  I was even voted “clumsiest” in the middle school year book
I’m not sure of all the ingreeds.  But it’s got a nice roasted malt character (they even threw in some smoked malt)and is beautifully balanced by Challenger and Yakima hops.  I love it like I love Indian Brown from Dogfish Head. It’s my favorite DFH beer.  And this is quickly becoming my favorite Sierra Nevada.  Pick up a sixer when you get a chance.


  1. Where can you find an $8.99 six-pack of Sierra in Center City?

    I want to shop there.

  2. agreed! ironically, after seeing you at Wegmans, I picked up a six-pack of it since it was the first time seeing it. Turns out to be a very nicely done and, yes, 'drinkable' brown. Perfect for homebrewers who need a tasty beer, but not a big beer, to drink while brewing.

  3. actually, I should say before I think of fall and tumbling leaves and temperatures, anytime I hear "tumbl...." I think automatically of a great Rolling Stones song...."Tumbling Dice" (reading your post caused me to cue up the song and make for a great, very loud, wakeup song today)