September 7, 2010

Best Bite of the Week-= Smoked Hot Dog at Johnny Brenda's

Best bite of the week was a particularly hard decision this week.
I got to sneak away for a bit to Bringatine- then a concert in Lancaster- then a weekend in New Hope and Lambertville....and I ate a lot.

But the best bite I had was in my home city at one of my favorite bars, Johnny Brendas.

They hosted the 2nd Pils Picnic on Friday.
I had an afternoon meeting then a happy hour event at Prohibition taproom that night so I didn't have much time to explore the teutonic taps of the day-but I squeezed in one pint of the Sly Fox firkin of Keller Pils, four oysters, and one hot dog.
Not just any hot dog.  It was smokey and deliciously topped with a popping chow chow.

After serving chow-chow for years at Peter Becker nursing home to Pennsy-dutch seniors - I never thought I'd welcome the pickled melange o veggies on my own plate...but it was awesome. It was the best bite of the week.

Don't be surprised if this resurfaces for my 3rd annual Porktoberfest (starting Oct. 1).

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  1. Second that! I didn't even realize what Chow Chow was until you schooled me on it. The Keller Pils wasn't too shabby either.