September 24, 2010

Best Bite of the Week: Toss up between the Tomato Salad and the Grilled Peaches at Southwark

I had the grilled peach salad at Southwark for the first time last year.  Perhaps August or Sept. 
I still think about it and hope its on the menu every time I go to Queen Village's sweetest spot.  Tonight I lucked out.  I went to meet a friend. She was excited about the sidecars. I was starving and much more excited about the edibles.

 I feasted on Sherri Wade's farm to table cuisine.  I had a Buffalo Mozz and Heirloom tomato salad.  The tomatoes were from her own garden in Cape May.  The basil was as fragrant as it gets. Then came the Grilled Peach Salad served with grilled red onion, cream cheese and microgreens.
I  finished up with something called Wreckfish which was served with her own lettuce and kiwi berries.  The low-harvested fish eats sort of like a grouper.  The kiwi berries were a nice touch.  They're  kind of like a miniature kiwi without the fuzz.

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