September 10, 2010


I was looking forward to working the Canvention at the Valley Forge Convention center last night.
I knew that I would meet some interesting horders, I mean collectors and have a few anecdotes to share following.

There was an interesting variety of breweries there- Sly of course- Iron Hill-PBS-Flying Fish-Lancaster-Climax- Applachian- Intercourse and more.

I didn't get a chance to eat prior- I tried to go to Creeds Seafood for some crabcakes and a Sly Fox beforehand- But there were no seats available at the bar- and I kind of stood out amongst the suits in my loud paisley dress.  I embarrassingly tucked my head down and left as soon as I came.

Soft pretzels, popcorn and chips were provided.  That worked just fine for the attendees that were coming from as far as Australia to celebrate brewerania through the decades. Some run websites like this.

Some knew beer. Some asked me what a weisse was.

Some were happy to meet me, some taught me the proper way to open a can for a collector.

Here are a few of the moments/conversations I had:

It was "good" from the get go. 

The first gent I interacted with says: "I know what a weisse is I just wanna say blue."  (referring to the blue can).
A feisty one.

The second gent I interact with wants my business card.  I had just put a bunch on the table and they were already gone. I had barely talked to anyone.  He says to me, "I've collected 1,700- you're 1701."

Geez-thanks guy.

Then another:  "Love your accent." 

Do I have an accent?

There was no pitchers or rinsing area- so I had to create me own.  Many people were approaching my table with the remnants of a porter in their glass. I didn't want to pour a Pikeland Pils into the dark brown liquid at the bottom of the glass- so I dumped it out did a quick rinse with pils and poured a pils.

One guy accused me of wasting beer. I said, "I don't think you want me to pour a hefeweizen into a dark beer. 
He said, "It don't matter."
I said, "That's encouraging." He laughed and walked away.

 It's hard picking my favorite interaction of the night. Its a toss up between the woman that gave me a can opener and taught me her technique as she called it.Or Michael from Oregon who told me one of the sought after "items" for can collectors is the Sly Fox Royal Weisse can that doesn't have 312 N. Lewis Rd on it- but only has Royersford, PA on it.

They were a funny bunch.
I wrapped things up shortly after 10 and headed back into the city.
I had to drop off a keg of Sly Fox grisette for MONKS local dinner next Tuesday.
I thought I would get some mussels but I wasn't feeling mussels.  So- tired - yet hungry-I made one more stop at the Royal Tavern for their delicious chicken frankie- an Indian delight.  It's one of my favorites.  My flash is broken on my cam-so this doesn't do it justice.  But next time you head there- consider the frankie.You'll thank me?

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