September 27, 2010

Fork and Barrel

You first heard about Fork and Barrel from Jack Curtin on Sept. 11th.  He then gave an update that they were opening last Thursday.  I had really wanted to make it to East Falls then (nothing nerdier than a first night visit--did that for Adsum over the summer) but that wasn't going to happen until this weekend.

I have been to Tap and Table and was rather impressed with the whole operation.  Sure I like some dripping candle wax, but I love good beer and food, and I really love good service.  The trifecta was in place there in Emmaus.
But Emmaus is one hr and 16 min away.  East Falls is a lot closer.  There are buses you can take from the city that will leave you with only a 2 minute walk- or you can take the r5 to Norristown and get off at East Falls stop leaving you with an 8 minute walk.

There's soooo much noteworthy beer here- you might not want to drive.  I tried the Porterhouse Oyster Stout from a small Irish brew pub for the first time .  It poured just beautifully.

I highly recommend pairing that  with the Braised Short Ribs Stroganoff (made with house made noodles).

Lance got the Petite Poussin and waffles that were pan-fried with maple gravy.

We started off with some meats and cheeses from the "grazing Plates" section of the menu.

There's a slew of other items worthy of mention:

Rogue smoky Blue Fondue
Skirt Steak "Bruschetta" with house smoked mozz and golden tomato

Roasted Pheasant for two with a savory mushroom bread pudding

A traditional Borscht  soup with dumplings, beets, cabbage and sour cream

Wild Boar Bratwurst with braised cabbage and apple cider bacon

Seasonal Grilled Cheese with french brie apples and apple butter

A Lamb Burger with blue cheese and rosemary ( Although a bit intense this might be wonderful with the Russian Imperial Stout they had on tap.  It was unlike any RIS I've ever had.  Lance got Juniper.  It was herbaceous. A might be a nice complement to the rosemary.)

Duck Confit with St. Louis Peche sauce and brioche

The most expensive item on the menu is the pheasant for two for $35. Other than that it tops off at $18 for entrees. 

A "nose to tail" dinner can be arranged for parties of 8 or more Tuesday-Thursday with 2 weeks advance notice.

I did this in a bit of a rush- so my apologies for not going into more detail.  And sorry the photos aren't up to par but the ambiance didn't allow for great flash free pics.   I wanted to quickly get this up and spread the good word.  There's a long bar, community seating in the back.  The whole place only sites 50 ppl.  It's intimate.  You'll barely believe the place was the Pour House two months ago. The space is illuminated only by the flicker of candlelight. Zero, Zip, Zilch on the tvs.

Fork and Barrel is amazing.  They aren't serving any American Craft. Mostly European beers, with a few random snuck in like the rare Hitachino Nipponia. 

They open for dinner Tues- Sun at 4.  Serve food till 11.


  1. Thanks for coming in last night!!

  2. I have got to try this place

  3. Mark Sherman will screw you over too.....

  4. It's the (former) R6 Norristown/Manayunk, not the R5.

    Beer list?

  5. Went last night. Just fricking awesome!! Cannot wait to get back there. Had three beers I'd never heard of on tap, all of which were A+++++++++++!

  6. stopped in for the grand opening. I want to live in this place. The owners were amazing hosts, cracking open the 2005 St Feuillien Tripel & a Neuzeller Klofter Kirsch for us to sample. No TV - amazing, no electricity - amazing. I wish the best for the Matt's & Colleen

  7. Fork and Barrel Closed, along with Tap and Table today. 4/19/11