September 28, 2010

Good News and more Good News and better yet more Good News- How often do you hear that? Khyber PUB about two weeks out

Good News for those that love beer.
Good News for those that were confused about the Khyber turning into an Izakaya.  (I thought it could work- Cantina Los Caballitos style but with a Japanese jawn going on)

And still-yet-more Good News for those that were excited about the Izakaya concept.

In just two weeks, the original Philly beer bar will resurrect in a way.

It's going back to its roots.

Craft beer has always been woven into the tower, but now more than ever.
There will be 20 taps, and two handpumps.  They've brought Tim Campbell on as General Manager. You might remember his beer savvy and stallion looks from days past at Standard Tap. He moved out West for a bit, he worked at the Cantina for a bit, and now he's head honcho of (what I think is) the best thing Old City has seen in quite some time.

Mark Mckinney will be Executive Chef.  My source says the food will rock as the stage once did.

So what about all this Izakaya talk?

Stephen Simons has secured Todd Dae Kulper formerly of Rozu -and will be putting his sushi skills to task at another location-yet to be determined.

There were too many articles/blogs to reference in rewinding for this post.
But the general consensus seemed to miss the Khyber that they already stopped going to 5 years ago for the most part.  I think this will be a good change for the 2nd st. spot.

And if the special board at Royal Tavern is any testament- the food's gonna be goooooooooooooooood.

No live music- but for those hip to listen- the juke should be please.


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