September 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Resurrection Ale House- Meet Randall tonight!

It's the one year Annivesary of Resurrection Ale House at Catherine and Greys Ferry and they're celebrating with the new and improved Randall the Enamel Animal from Dogfish Head.

At 8 pm around the country at 8 bars they will launch Randall 3.0.  

I "ran out" of blogger photo uploads ( I had to pay $5 for 10,000 more before Sept 22, 2011) so no pics but you can get a looksie over hear

And- you can read all about it at the new Liquid Diet Online 3.0.

Recently I had the pleasure of summing up the service experience at one-year old Resurrection Ale House:

Having three bars to run is no easy task, it’s almost impossible. Owners Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida have 100% faith in their staff to represent their bars’ best interests while they are at Bar 1, Memphis taproom, or Bar 2 Local 44.  They’ve hired two band guys that geek out on records, movies and craft beer. They hired another guy who’s not nicknamed the mayor of West Philly for nothing.  He’s as nice as nice gets and likes to talk food so much he even writes a blog about his affinity for all things sandwiched.   The Greys Ferry Ale house also has some lovely ladies waiting tables that are happy to tell you about the menu’s seasonal changes as well as describe the latest drafts while donning a dress that’s too cute for words.  The experience doesn’t leave me speechless per se but it makes me pause for a minute and think about the excellence with which the machine that is Resurrection operates.

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