September 24, 2010

Hitachino's got some company. Echigo beers available at ZAMA

I finally made it to Zama last week as part of some research I was doing.
Chef Scott Schroeder told me when he's not at Hikaru, Zama is his sushi spot.  It's an izakaya a block North of Rittenhouse Square.

I almost went opening night in March. But I didn't. Next thing I knew they were open for 6 months and I had yet to try their sticky rice and sake.

I went during lunch and sat at the sushi bar.  I had a ginger ale instead of a beer but took a look at the beer list and was happy to see beers other than the usual sushiyaki suspects like Asahi Super duper dry and Kirin.  There was no Hitachino....but there was Echigo, coedo and Orion.

The Echigo is in PA strictly for Zama. I believe Bella Vista Distributors has the rights to it.
They have a pils, a porter and a stout.

The sushi was awesome. I tried two rolls. I tried their inside out wasabi lobster salad roll and their fiesta roll. The fiesta actually had a poppin salsa on top of it and eel inside. Chef Zama is working on a collaboration with regular and Eagles right tackle, Winston Justice for charity. Here you can see Zama showing him the rules of the roll.

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