September 10, 2010

Kennett to come to Queen Village

If you haven't heard- Kennett is coming.

Johnny Carwash, the Event Coordinator and do-it-all dude for YARDS Brewing Co. has bought the Lyons Den in the Queen Village area (848 S. 2nd st by Christian).

His goal is to make it the first certified green restaurant/bar in Philly.

Both the chef and managing partner live in Queen Village and look forward to catering to the community via affordable food, craft beer, good wine and old-fashioned cocktails.  Johnny says, "Picture a comfortable place where a family could have a lunch on the weekend afternoon, or a couple could have a great night out, all within walking distance."

I believe Kennett is the last name of the family that originally owned the building.

Here's a glance at a few menu items-

avocado salad: lime juice, chili, cilantro, cumin
roasted chickpeas: smoked paprika, olive oil, salt
new potatoes: preserved lemon and mixed herbs

Charcuterie and cheeses
meat: proscuitto, pork terrine, salumi, country pate, mustard, cornichon and toast
cheese: aged cheddar, goat, fresh mozz, toast

lamb: smoked paprika, cucumber and yogurt
beef: lettuce, tomato and anchovy mayonaiise
veggie: lentils, wheatberried and tomato relish

chicken: brown butter, herbs and mustard
farmers plate: roasted squash and sage, turnips and brussel sprouts

Wood-fired Pizza
white: house-made ricotta, late summer squash and sweet onions
house: prosciutto, fig and goat cheese

* I have no idea what the turn around is during the transition.  An opening date has not been set.


  1. Thank goodness for Johnny Carwash. Shawn Lyons' Lyons Den was a nuisance bar and dive with an absentee owner, Lyons, Who didn't give a damn. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  2. Queen Village sucks and all the White uppity wannabe pretentious snobs can have that bar. The minute smoking was banned in bars is when every bar became a nuisance for it's residents, so jam that information in your ass Queen Village.

  3. The smoking ban didnt cause the Lyons Den to become a nuisance bar. It did that on its own by attracting low class clientele. It had a chance to move the deuce customers out and create something that could have lasted in a neighborhood that looks after itself and also appreciates a nice place to hang out, but instead it remained a bar that nobody over 21 wanted to visit. On the smoking ban tho, the Lyons Den had more people outside smoking than bars twice it size. 12 patrons - 8 smokers. That should be a tell right there. When thats the demographic you go after, its no wonder the neighborhood seemed "uppity", you idiot.

    Good Luck Kennett, you shouldnt have much problem raising the bar.

  4. Id say you are are the idiot for saying anyone who went there is low class.

  5. Was at Kennett Saturday night. Their draft beer list is fantastic. Brian and Patrick behind bar know their stuff and remember your name. Johnny was a great host and such a friendly owner. The porchetta pizza is worth the visit, for its uniqueness alone. Cheers! Oh, and the place shows zero remnant of Lyon's Den. It is warm and inviting.