September 10, 2010

Someone Buy this Man a Beer

Late night with Joe Gunn was once again ridiculous on Wednesday night. He needs a network show-stat.

He hosted a variety of Fringe fest guests.  The bar owner was put out of his comfort zone interviewing people that he had never met as opposed to interviewing people that drink whiskey/beer with him all the time such as the debut of Late night with Joe Gunn during Philly Beer Week 2010.

This time around- he one-upped himself-no actually two-upped himself with a sports coat and a whiskey sink.  Yes-its exactly what it sounds like -a faucet pouring whiskey- Jameson-although I believe Gunn to be a Tullymore man.

I took 15 minutes of video footage including musical guests Casey Parker (He did covers of "Poker Face" and Skid Row's "I Remember You.") and interviews with Philly Comix Jam's Brett Hopkins and Philly's favorite publican Fergie Carey (this is 10 of the 15 minutes and includes serenades to Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head and myself).
Unfortunately the video is so long I can't upload it. 

A few standouts:(apologies for any profanity to my family in advance)

Scott Johnston (of Fancy pants cinema) (on stage-in a fake huff )
"I got my whiskey. Fuck this Shit. I'm outta here."

Joe Gunn: Come on man. I've been working on this show ...for hour now

Joe Gunn:
"I like my whiskey like I like my portions.  Small, Cheap,  (pause because he has no idea what he's about to say) and makes me throw up after."

Another man who needs a beer is Dan Conway-  for sporting his uber orange hat in the midst of a black light during Late Night with Joe Gunn.
He was pretty much the only person Joe could see from the stage.  Or you can buy him a bloody mary-he's been known.

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