September 10, 2010

Summer is Nearing an End but the Heat is On- Festival Season is here

I took this photo of a poster at Springfield Bev.
It's festival season. Go to The Beer Yard's website for a calendar of all the region's upcoming events.

Ill be working most of them.
Here's my weekend line up- come out when you can

Tonight- I'll be bartending at the Fringe bar serving up Sly Fox cans after 10 pm (plus other beers like Weyerbacher Autumnfest and Dogfish Head)
Columbus and Spring Garden-at Old Club Egypt
(and Solo)

Happy 90 years to Kunda Bev in King of Prussia.

Wendy of Dogfish Head will join me and entertain you while I open SLY FOX cans and grill up hot dogs.  I've caramelized a bunch of onions and we'll have spicy ketchup as well.
We'll be a chillin' and grillin' from 2 till 4.  

I'll be tailgating for Eagles home opener in the beer aisle of Wegman's Warrington.
I will be there from 12-3.  Stop by for a complimentary sample 

8 pm- VARGA bar continues BINGO with BIG RICH on Sundays.
I'll be there hosting.

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