September 24, 2010


The weekend is here.  Tomorrow is a big day as most local beer industry peeps had to toss a coin between working the City Tap House event and the Newtown Brews and Blues Fest. Sly Fox will be at both as well as represented in Bell Mawr, New Jersey at the Beer on the Pier.

Newtown is expecting 3,000 people. Not sure about City Tap House but its the first "Philadelphia Craft Beer Experience"  organized by Philadelphia Magazine to the benefit of Safe Home Philadelphia.  They are hoping to focus more on education during the 4 hour fest that will also include food pairings in the $80 admittance

Looking forward to it.  Hopefully- I will find the person that included Stella Artois on the list and have a quick conversation with him or her.

Perhaps share this definition from the Brewer's Association.

Besides working my dining/drinking goals this weekend are to make it to the new Fork and Barrel in East Falls and the new Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant in Old City.
I will also be making Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream for my brother-in-law. Lucky him.


  1. I noticed they slipped in "....locally brewed...." Would be interested to know if the "80" include those on the list not locally brewed. There are barely 10 breweries on the list that could be considered truly local...if that's the case, then each of you would need to bring 6-8 beers to make up the 80 local beers. Nit-picking? perhaps. But, I think it's a moderately-fair point to make.

  2. I would say nitpicking if one of the waitstaff/management said locally...but to be on the advertisement it may as well say frost brewed with a paper vortex...

  3. So which did you go to? I was at Newtown. IMHO, they have the best beer fest in the area.