October 21, 2010

THE BEST THING i ATE ALL WEEK a day early because it can't get any better: "Bourbon" @ JG Domestic

Met up with a gal pal at Jose Garces' new JG Domestic last night.  Our party of two expanded to include Lance Romance and Ommegang's Megan Maguire within minutes. So I was able to sample and sample some more.

Getting dressed today was slightly depressing.  No-I can't tone this down. REALLY depressing. I need new jeans desperately.  But every bite of that beignet was worth it.

When you get to the dessert portion of JG Domestic, each of the 5 desserts are simply titled,
Chocolate, Huckleberry, Pear, Bourbon, and Pumpkin.  Further details are given underneath the bold, capitalized words.  Four out of 5 have a house made ice cream or sorbet accompaniment.

Beignets, Bourbon Vanilla Mousseline,
Maker’s Mark Butterscotch

I freaked out when I ate this.  I mean I contained myself- I didn't embarrass anyone in my party. I guess it was more of an inner freakout. You get three beignets.  You get this bourbon laden caramel sauce and then there's the mousseline on the right hand side. I didn't know quite how to attack it. So I dipped the beignet in the sauce then spread some mousseline on it.  It was the best bite of the week. Month. Maybe year.  And now I must go to New Orleans more than ever.

Now go and have your own JG Domestic bourbon freak out.  Feel free to drink a can of Sly Fox Pikeland Pils while you're there;)

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  1. I freaked, too! Best dessert I've eaten all year, I think.