October 1, 2010

PORKTOBERFEST DAY 1- Let's get crackin- I mean Cracklin!

It's almost as though I wait all year getting ready for Porktoberfest.
I take pictures of pig I dig throughout the year--so I have enough to do 16 days. 
But I will also be hunting it out over the next two weeks or so as well. The fall is a nice time for pig.  Well, the summer is too.  I guess it's a year round treat.

And typing of treats brings me to one of the best  I've had recently.
Pork rinds/cracklins/scratchings at upscale bars and restaurants.

These are not you're run-of-the-mill, plastic bag, road trip-impulse buy Pork Rinds.

I've already been to Barbuzzo twice for Marcie Turney's "Pig Popcorn." It's mandatory.  It's so airy- and it for some reason the food compaction is limited-which is always a good thing.

When was the last time you were at Xochitl?

They have Chicharonnes on the menu served  with a radish, mint and salsa verde.

BEST part? There are no carbs in pork rinds.  There's some fat (like 9 grams a serving) but there's also protein so they're sorta kinda good for you if you're on a no carb diet.

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