October 13, 2010

Porktoberfest Day 12: Amis

I ran into the GM of Amis in Fairmount after work on Monday.  I hadn't seen him in a while.
I haven't been to Amis since February despite having enjoyed it so much during my first two visits-and Lance Romance has never been.
It's kind of funny we almost got distracted by 3 different places just on the walk there from 8th and Carpenter. A reminder of what a great dining scene we have in Philly.

We ate a little bit of everything.  Some cheeses, some sweetbreads, then shared a few larger plates.
We ordered the Fennel and Persimmon Lasagna (wow!) and Guinea Hen Saltimbocca- which I thought would count for my "Porco del giorno"
But Brian, our most amicable bartender, wanted us to try what was simply stated on the menu as "pork-stuffed cabbage."
When it arrived Lance points out that its a traditional polish dish- Galabki.
The tomato sauce was awesome- so vibrant.  The pork was ground up like a oblong meatball of sorts.
Italian? Polish? Doesn't matter Delicious is what it was.
We (mostly he) wrapped things up with the Olive Oil cake. Some of the other dolci might seem sweeter to the eye. But that cake was soooo good. Don't be tempted by all that semi-freddo. Lastly, they have a nice, albeit sort of pricey, variety of craft beers. As tempting as it is to think vino at a trattoria, try a few of the rare Italian beers (also to be found at Vetris other locations and Chicks)

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