October 4, 2010

Porktoberfest Day 4: The Pulled Pork Sandwich at Village Whiskey

The hardest-yet best- part about Porktoberfest is deciding what item from what bar/restaurant.  I can't repeat any one type of pork.
For example: I can't double up on  Pulled Pork sandwiches.
I can kind of cheat by doing one South Philly Roast Pork Style and one Southern Bbq.  Even then it's tough to say- This is the best- this is the one you should try.

But David Conn makes it just a little easier because the BBQ Pork Sandwich at Village Whiskey is superb.

I think I put in my 2 bites notice after the first 2 bites.
So-it's a big one.
But go hungry and you will leave very, very happy.
The buttery brioche bun's the best!

Don't forget the Saturday afternoon happy hour.
You can get Pork BBQ sliders!

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