October 5, 2010

Porktoberfest Day 5: Rembrandts' Resurgence: BBQ Pork Belly and Octopus Skewers AND Bacon and Egg Gelato

One of Sly Fox's 30 events during Philly Beer Week was a beer lunch at Rembrandts.
It was then I discovered that the changes made over the course of the last year were most favorable. Robert Legget formerly of Cuba Libre, is in the kitchen, Erin Butterworth (formerly of Continental) is managing the Fairmount restaurant and things are looking (and tasting) pretty good.  Their beer selection has improved (both draft, bottle, and can) with the careful choosing of Beer Manager, Rich Leibensperger

I fondly remember the 21-day Dry-Aged Burger topped with Pork Belly I had during that PBW.  

I thought it would be a perfect spot to hit to celebrate Porktoberfest while I was in the Art Museum area.
I went with BEER BRAISED PORK BELLY & BBQ OCTOPUS STICKS with toasted macadamia, sesame seeds, sprout salad.  You don't typically see the mollusc (k) blanketed in bbq.  Interesting switch up from the Spanish or Mediterranean norm.

Molly, the bartender tempted me with a "Bacon and Egg" gelato.
Chef adds smoked bacon fat to the creamy custard then tops it with bacon bits as well.  
Side Note: Legget  also won best dish of Philly's 2010 Comfort Food contest in March with a short rib dish that incorporated foie gras ice cream.

Sure I ate too much (didn't event tell you about the Butternut Squash soup start) but it's Porktoberfest and Porktoberfest is a no holds barred kinda thing.  My sister has already suggested Raw Veggies Month after this.

The buck- I mean pig-doesn't stop there. Other swine to swallow at Rembrandts:

*PULPO romesco sauce, octopus, manchego, chorizo sausage, kalamata olives, roasted onion 

*TORTA CUBANA homemade chorizo, smoked ham, swiss cheese, latin slaw, pickles, dijon mustard, pressed country roll
*WOOD-FIRED CHICKEN prosciutto, summer vegetables, new jersey cream corn, red wine demi glaze  
*REFRITO DIP queso fresco, refried pork black beans, salsa verde, fresh tortillas  

Here's the rest of the menu

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  1. My first year of hearing about Porktoberfest! Thanks for the info on what's out there. It all looks good, and I'm definately noting a few to check out.

    If you need a some to fill your month...earlier this year I had Pork Belly Tacos at Cantina Dos Segundo that were great. Think it was a special on a Brewery Tuesday. And since then had the same at Iron Hill Brewery in Wilmington.

    Also, watch for some wild boar at Standard Tap. That's close enough, right? And great like everthing on the menu.

    And one I haven't tried, Jose Pistola's has a Scrapple Chessesteak on the special menu (or did a couple weeks ago).