October 8, 2010

Porktoberfest Day 8: Jersey City!

I had an event at a beer bar in the Financial District of Jersey City last night.
Yes there is a Financial District.  Before I left, a few people warned me of what to expect in JC.
I don't know if I was just guided wisely by my wholesaler rep, PJ, or what-but I had a great time.

There are a few good beer bars like LITM ( Love is the Message- a gallery/bar) Skinners Loft, Star Bar (Gay-friendly with craft beer!), and Iron Monkey (where my event was).
I got my pork in at Skinners Loft.  I hadn't crossed dumplings off yet. So I ordered the pork dumplings with kimchi, watercress & tofu, chili-lime ginger & ponzu dipping sauces.

I was still hungry after the dumplings so I ordered this Pulled Pork Potato Crisp.  So good. There was a mystery ingredient to the bbq pork. It could have been cinnamon or nutmeg.  It was served on top of a thinly sliced potato with cheddar and green onion.  It was Delicious with a capital d.
Lance- if you're reading this- it made me almost like potatoes.

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