November 15, 2010

12 Percent Imports and Murrays Cheese at Fork and Barrel this Thursday

There's a lot going on in the beer world this Thursday.
Schlenkerla is at Brauhaus (with their chef too). That's sold out.
Lance has his dinner at CHIFA.

And Fork and Barrel is pouring what Brian Ewing (Founder, Pres) Of 12 Percent Imports says is without a doubt the best lineup of his beers he's had since starting 12 Percent.

Guests get to try 11 beers and 11 cheeses for $65.  Its a great deal when you think about the obscurity of the beer.
Murrays cheese is New Yorks oldest cheese shop

Also- have you been to the Cask Saloon upstairs?
Lance and I checked it out for the first time last night. Artisan hot dogs.  I think the dog was all beef.  Even the roll was toasted and better than your average hot dog roll.  We went with "New Orleans" that had Mornay Sauce, fried egg and ham like a Monte Cristo and the Montana which consisted of baked beans and crumbled sausage.
Peanut shells cover the floor, American Flags are on the wall. Vintage photos are up. Barrels serve as tables and Dixieland/old jazz is blasting through the speakers.  It's awesome.

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