November 12, 2010

And you thought you had a bad day- Raising dinero for Eugene this SUNDAY

As most of you know- Monday nights I am pulling taps at Bridgids in Fairmount.  Every week I look forward to seeing our cook Eugene.  He's adorable.  He tells me when he thinks I've lost a few pounds, and he also tells me not to eat after 7 when he thinks I could lose a few.

He's a sweetheart, probably about 60 years old.
One night about two months ago he returned home to his house in the NorthEast and it was gone.
Everything was gone.  I still don't know the entire story- but his wife went a wack and set the fire.
Her new house is the jailhouse.

I know what it's like to lose everything but a pulse.  I may have mentioned before on IHAS that I had a 7 alarm fire when I was a sophomore in college because of a careless roommate.  Whenever I have a few extra bucks around, I make sure the firemen get it.
And this Sunday I will make sure Eugene gets it.  BRIDGIDS is hosting a benefit 2-? this Sunday afternoon.  $15 for all you can drink.
A few local breweries have donated beer.  You can look forward to drinkin' some Iron Hill Belgian IPA with Lance Romance if you can make it down for a couple.  Then you can crawl around Fairmount- hit Bishops and the Belgian.  If you have any questions- please email me.


Iron Hill Belgian IPA

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