November 28, 2010

Catch up Time- Rewind to Ridewith Lunch at Distrito with Kim Murphy 11/16

A few times a month- beer reps sort of team up. A"supplier" (that's me) joins a Wholesaler rep for the day.
You hope like heck you get a long because in most cases you're sharing a vehicle from bar to bar all day long- or distributor to distributor.

You get to know each other. You talk shop. Sometimes you find out what his or her favorite beer is, how they got into the industry, or maybe how they can't wait to get out.  Some bars and stores are overwhelmed by the idea of being perhaps "double teamed." Others don't mind it at all and look at it as a way to meet people that otherwise aren't in their "territories" that much.

More often than not it's a win-win- and if you're lucky -or if you stop by and see Frankie Bell on Front St. in South Philly-you'll get to try some Basset's ice cream in the middle of a sticky summer day.

Two weeks ago- I had not one, not two, but three ridewiths.  They brought me through bars in Montco, Ches Co and of course Phila Co.  My day in Philly had me chatting Sly with Urban Saloon, The Blockley Pourhouse, City Tap House, Capogiro, missing managers at Landmark, and Distrito. We talked Christmas beer, always a seasonal crowd pleaser.

Any place would have been great for lunch, but we did Distrito.  Jose Garces' University City cantina does two courses and an ice tea or soft drink for $15.

I opted for the Tortilla Soup with chicken, pasilla chile broth, queso fresco and avocado. The sinkin chicken at the bottom of the oval bowl was some of the most tender bird I've tasted in a while.

Stayed with pollo and went with chicken enchilada for the second course.  It was served with chihuahua cheese and a delicious red chili sauce, scented with epazote. Perfecto.

 The food rocked, but better than the edibles is the incredible Kim Murphy.  She's a funny ginger.  She works hard, and she manages to still get out there and sell beer after a liver-exhausting trip to Mexico.   Chances of you hanging out with Kim Murphy any time soon are pretty slim.  But chances of you getting to 40th and Chestnut in the near future are pretty good.
Distrito also does brunch every Saturday and Sunday- perhaps a li'l Revuelto-=- shirred egg, goat cheese, chive, smoked salmon, dill cream, caviar toast?????

Porque no?

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