November 12, 2010

The Randall visits P.o.p.e. during the Craft Beer Xpress. Dogfish Galore.

Craft Beer Xpress is here.

And here is the P.O.P.E.'s lineup- doing Dogfish Head all day long with a few RANDALL pairings.

Randall is going to run World Wide Stout through Myers Dark Rum-soaked bing cherries then later, Palo Santo Marron through Vanilla bean and dark-roasted coffee beans. 
Don't forget P.o.p.e. serves brunch on Saturdays too. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The POURS-this is serious
World Wide Stout
Chateau Jiahu
Palo Santo Marron
120 Minute
Black & Blue
Red & White
Burton Baton
Olde School

Dogfish Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, Wendy Domurat will be there for the duration of the day. 

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