November 6, 2010

A trip to Green Aisle results in Raspberry Bliss

As Green Aisle turns one year this week, I thought I would put up a Happy Birthday post for the Erace brothers that have brought a boutique grocer with the best foodstuffs out there to Passyunk Ave.

They continue to expand if you haven't been in in a while- there's always something new.  Since they've opened they've added meats, and ice cream.  They continue to seek out new purveyors and they can educate you on every item and ingredient in the store.  I love it.

And I love Ric's Iced Raspberry Swirl bread.  Growing up we would find iced raisin bread at our local market, Hennings, in Harleysville.  I haven't had it in 16 or so years.  I thought Lance would like the iced part but not the raisin part.  So this was perfect. 

I waited a day to eat it- so I bet it was best the day before.  But it was still pretty damn good.
And just excellent with a cup of Stumptown coffee-Costa Rica blend-beans also available at Green Aisle.

Go check out their website and learn about E. Halen's  Pumpple and Adam and Andrew's recent outpost at Bodhi coffee in Head House.

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