December 15, 2010

Casserole for One

The other day I ran into  CVS to get milk and other basics.  "Basics" included those Pillsbury Crescent Rolls- a commercial guilty pleasure.  I  purchased some eggs, bacon, spinach, and colby cheese.  This was quite a departure from my summertime trips to Green Aisle grocery.

I recently acquired a bunch of casserole dishes- which prompted me to make a casserole/souffle.

I sprinkled some cheese on the bottom then spinach, then crumpled bacon ( i had already cooked) then added a layer of the crescent roll rolled out covering the already laid ingredients so the egg would stay separated.  I then topped that with more cheese, spinach and bacon, and finally another layer of pastry to finish it all  off.  I made a spicy ketchup to accompany it. I kept calling it a souffle (as I invited three different people to come over to eat it and got three denials) but it was more of a casserole.  Casserole or whatever it was-it was ghetto gourmet an its finest.

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