December 28, 2010

Cliche question of the week: "How was your holiday?"

My holiday was just fine.  I had some nice holiday friend gatherings throughout the week- so when Christmas Eve/Christmas arrived it was all Woods for 48 hours.

It wasn't quite like Christmas of '08 when I was greeted by a dead opossum at the bottom of my fire escape blocking me from much needed laundry.  But it was similar in that it was slim on the presents and heavy on some good quality family time.  Unfortunately no Lance Romance time.  He was in Connecticut with the Lapierres. It was our first Christmas apart in four years. 

Tuesday night I crashed the Profile PR holiday party at their 19th st office.  Then it was Royal Tavern, and some impromptu beers in my kitchen.  I celebrated the season once again with friends on the 22nd at Zahav's "A Very Jewish Christmas"/Steve Mashington's birthday. It was a lot of food (awesome food), a lot of fun, and to everyone's delight a lot of Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark.   As I tweeted at the table, "Michael Solomonov has revolutionized won-ton soup for me."
We took our fortune-cookie-full bellies West on Walnut St. to Jose Pistolas for a "Very Joe Gunn Christmas."  It was entertaining as usual.
This time complete with a snow machine that snowed on bartender Mex all night, a duet of "Baby, It's cold outside," between Casey "freakin" Parker and bartendress Olivia. A Miller Light cold activated glass made it into the mix filled with some random beverage that smelled like licorice but wasn't one of the usual "licorice booze" options  like Sambuca.  And whiskey. Lots of whiskey. 

Thursday was the Ice Bar on Ridge- where Philadelphia Distilling (mmm Bluecoat) and
Sly Fox teamed up with Fork and Barrel at FRANCOS.  It was pretty cool. And its' still set up and serving Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday this week from 6 pm till 12.  I am now of the opinion, that when considering an ice bar/ice furniture set up- you should do it...and these guys should be the ones to do it.

Christmas Eve was at my sister's In-Laws.  Christmas day at my brother's house where I came of age. My little sister made my day with this game she created where seven of us had to guess "who got what hand-me-down present" she was giving. I laughed so hard I cried.  There were old Batmans sheets, BOD (some cheesy men's smell good stuff (or smell awful stuff)), a purse, a used red shirt with stains and holes, a pushdrill, AND one lucky person got the rather random balsamic nuts she made stovetop two minutes before we had to leave for Harleysville.

I had the vinegar out because I was making caprese skewers as my appetizer dish.  We were reducing it down to drizzle over the mozz, but Michelle had other plans.  Apparently- I can't go upstairs to get ready for five minutes without her creative "wheels" turning. The next thing I know the "Balsamic nuts" are born.  She didn't tell me at the time.  I found out when it was my sister Patty's turn to pick a "present" and ask a question about who gets it. It was then that I looked at the mangled piece of tin foil, and the look of confusion on Patty's face and realized.

In addition to that she gave everyone a box of Prunes that said "Prize inside." Everyone received a "coupon" of some sort. Some were for babysitting- mine was for "Dinner in the Dark." She wants me to come over and eat in the pitch black of her kitchen with no forks or something.  They also said "Out with the old, and in with the new." So that was her New Year's gag gift.  There was actually a recipe on the back for "Prune Carrot Muffins." I thought I would shock her and put the dehydrated plums to use.

And so I did. The muffins are awesome.
I have 6 left if you want to try one.  It will change the way you think about prunes, just like Solomonov and his dreamy wonton soup.

This week doing the Sly thing till Friday.
Keeping it mellow and cheap for the New Year. The last couple years we went to Standard.
It's likely that we'll be there again.
<< Here's the Woods Family portrait 2010...That's my brother-in-law Brandon in the reindeer tee. I have no excuse for him.
My best to you and yours.

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